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Egg donor Process


The Egg Donor Process

Egg Donors are healthy women between the ages of 19-29 who wish to help an individual or couple struggling with infertility while also receiving benefits such as monetary compensation and knowledge about their own reproductive systems.

The Egg Donor Process Overview

We strive to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience from beginning to completion of your egg donation cycle. From start to finish, Omega Family Genetics will be your advocate, assistant, guide, and support system every step of the way.

We invite you to take a look at the illustration below to paint a picture of the whole process, from start to completion.

Content for circle illustration:

Please note, the estimated three months projected timeframe differs upon your availability to complete the cycle. Hence, blackout dates you provide to your case manager will delay the process. Please visit the Egg Donor FAQs for more information or contact us at info@omegafamilygenetics.com