How can I become an egg donor?
The first step to becoming an egg donor is submitting an application at: Here. Once your application has been submitted and all requirements are met, our admissions team will reach out to you to review your application and answer any questions you might have regarding the program.
How do I get chosen (matched)?
Intended parents (recipients) who have access to Omega Family Genetics’ database will contact their case manager when interested in an egg donor. If interest is shown in your application, our case manager will reach out to you to find out your interest and availability in a match. If you confirm interest and availability, a match can then be confirmed.
Do I get to meet my recipients?
Most egg donors are anonymous unless you or the recipient specify a wish for you to be identified. In that case, you can meet your recipient via Skype or in person, depending on location logistics.
What is the age requirement to become an egg donor?
Omega Family Genetics accepts applicants between the ages of 19 to 29 years old. The cutoff age of 29 is to maximize the recipients’ chances for family completion.
What can disqualify me from becoming an egg donor?
Your profile will be disqualified if you do not meet the requirements for becoming an egg donor; please see requirements Here. Major reasons for disqualifying egg donors are lack of communication and/or missing major medical appointments.
Am I required to have health insurance to become an egg donor?
No, you will be insured under a supplemental short term accidental health insurance policy, activated at the time of medication start date.
If required to travel, how are my travel expenses arranged?
If your cycle requires flight and/or hotel arrangements, Omega Family Genetics will make all arrangements in advance and send you itineraries.

However, when a hotel is booked or a car rented, your personal credit card number must be on file for the deposit payment. OFG will cover the bookings and pay for them, but cannot leave a credit card on file for the deposit and incidentals, which are the donor’s responsibility.

For your medical screening, you will be arranged an in-and-out flight (if available). For your egg retrieval, you will be required to bring a companion. All travel expenses including a paid per-diem will be arranged in advance.
How long does the process take?
From the date of match to the date of completion an egg donor cycle can be completed in 2 ½ - 3 months. If the egg donor or the recipients have blackout dates, this will delay the estimated time of completion. Egg donors are required to notify case managers of foreseen blackout dates that can affect the egg donation timeframe.
How often will I be required to go to medical appointments?
At confirmation of match, you will be required to schedule your psychological, genetic, and medical screenings at your earliest convenience. Psychological and genetic counseling screenings can oftentimes be completed over Skype.

Upon medication start date, you will be required to go to medical appointments approximately every other day for approximately two weeks to check bloodwork and ensure the medications are working effectively. This is a sensitive timeframe as you will need to be available for such appointments. Efforts are made to accommodate your schedule; however, please note that flexibility is key for completing a successful and positive egg donation experience.
How are medications taken and for how long?
You will be required to take injectable medication for approximately two weeks before your egg retrieval. Your egg retrieval is the completion of your egg donation cycle.
Is the egg donation process painful?
Every egg donor’s experience is different. IVF Physicians recommend bed rest after the egg retrieval, and in most cases, egg donors do not require more than a day of bed rest. However, some egg donors do experience discomfort such as bloating and cramping after the procedure, in which case it is important to contact your physician for medical recommendations. Medical professionals explain thoroughly to egg donors what can be expected after the egg retrieval procedure.
How long do I have to wait before I can start another donation?
You will need to allow your body to go back to normal and have a minimum of two regular menstrual cycles.