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Why Omega Family Genetics

Why Omega Family Genetics

Omega Family Global is one of the largest and most trend-setting surrogacy agencies in the United States today. Our mission and vision create and deliver first-in- class services. While we are an extremely influential and effective agency working in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) we continuously strive for improvement for our global clientele.

With this goal in mind, OFG launched Omega Family Genetics in Summer 2017 to bring egg donation into the scope of our integrated service offerings. Omega core values of transparency, integrity, and honesty apply with this new Omega entity as they do with our other specialties.

Omega Family Genetics enforces confidentiality practices to the greatest extent possible to keep Egg Donors’ and Intended Parents’ identities confidential and anonymous. In this age, modern Internet technology is extremely advanced so it can become difficult to guarantee complete anonymity; however, an Egg Donor's privacy will be fully protected under the law. We provide ART donor genetic information for use in health care for future generations. Our genetic information on our donors will be available for decades to come.

Omega Family Genetic's core values support assisting every person involved with the creation of a family each step of the way. We exist to contribute to the happiness of Intended Parents with assistance in egg donation, matching, and egg banking.

Finally, application of our values and vision creates a positive experience for both Egg Donors and Intended Parents today and for future generations looking back at their ancestry.